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outputs of the habitat quality model

My name is Jie Gong.Write here for some problems on habitat quality meodel.

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Here are some questions when we run the Habitat Quality model of InVEST (V3.4.2).

As it shown in the USER`s GUIDE of InVEST, the results after run the Habitat Quality should include “degrad_cur”, “qual_cur” & “rarity_cur” ( I know that this output is only created if a baseline LULC map is submitted). But when we run the habitat quality models, there are only “deg_sum_out_c” & “quality_out_c” when I didn’t input the “Baesline Land Cover”. the files name was not same as it stated in the USER GUIGE? What is reason on it? Is that means the habitat quality model did not run completely?

Even I used the sample data from the habitat quality models of InVEST, the result are “deg_sum_out_c” & “quality_out_c, not “degrad_cur” and “qual_cur”, and "rarity_cur". I had checked the parameter log and found there was no error, what is the reason for I can not get the file "rarity_cur" ?


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hello!  I'm so sorry about the delay.  I think this may be an issue with our documentation.  The logfile you attached shows that the model completed successfully, so that's something good to hear.  I'll be in touch with Mingyue (who reached out separately) about the datasets and I'll see if I can reproduce the issue.

    More soon!
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