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SDR Model documentation - Interpreting Results

Thanks so much for 3.4.0! It is brilliant to be able to run models for the entire of our area of interest (East Kalimantan).

Would it be possible to please update the User Guide documentation to clarify the following section?

SDR Model > Running the Model > Interpreting Results 

[workspace]\intermediate_outputs folder:

[1] 'dem_offset' is listed but doesn't exist?

[2] Two of the layers are labelled (and bare_soil) but only relate to the DEM so are independent of land cover, so there is no separate _bare_soil layer. Specifically, they could simply be shown as:

   ls_factor.tif                LS
factor for USLE (Eq. 1 and 2)

   s_bar                         mean slope factor for
upslope contributing area

[3] Descriptions for the 'w' layers don't match the outputs, I think because there is logically no bare-soil version, and 'ws' has been changed to 'w' 
Guide content: 

       w_bar (and bare_soil) -> mean weighting factor (C factor) for upslope contributing area (Eq. 4)

       ws_factor (and bare_soil) -> denominator of the downslope factor (Eq. 5)

Actual output
      w_bar_[runsuffix]  - there is no bare soil version
      w_[runsuffix] - this is labelled 'w' not 'ws', and there is no bare soil version.

[4] Equations are given next to the items but I can't find any equation numbers in the user guide model description, and the matching isn't immediately clear.

- It would be great if Equation numbers could be added in the main model description. If not, perhaps they could be removed from the outputs section to prevent anyone thinking they should be somewhere?

Thanks very much
- Jessie


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