Degradation output in Habitat Quality model


Running the Habitat Quality model i did not encounter any errors, however, the imageimageresult raster for degradation only has a thin line in the left side of the study area. The quality raster is ok. I ran the model using only a current land use raster (no future nor baseline) and did it twice to set parameter k to half the maximun value of the degradation output (even though the first result seemed odd).

I should clarify that the white pixels next to the color line in the degradation raster have values really close to cero (or ceros) and therefore classification does not change its color. The black/grayish pixeles have values like: -53416413110489158000000000000000000000.000000

So, is this normal? is it related to what is specified in the Invest User Manual: "locations near the edge of the area of interest may have inflated habitat quality scores, because threats outside the area of interested are not properly accounted for". And most importantly how do i fix it?

Thank you in advance




  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    I would say that is not normal. Or at least a correct output of the model. Could you dropbox me your datastack to I'll see if I can recreate and fix the error on my end.
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