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Seasonal water yield- ERROR overflow encountered in exp

Hi everyone,
  I am trying to run the seasonal water yield model and keep getting the error message " overflow
encountered in exp
". The version is InVEST 3.3.3. 
  Can someone please help me to solve that? I attached the log file.


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hello @liting0319, I just patched a bunch of seasonal water yield bugs in a development version of InVEST. Would you be willing to try this version to see if it fixes your issue? And if not, post again and I'll follow up further?
  • Hi!@Rich, 
    I've fixed the problem. There were some negative values in precipitation figure of month 3, so the  model report an error that ‘calculate quick flow for month 3’. Now this issue has been solved.
    Thanks all the same!
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