Please can you update the Mac build?

Hello, this is already covered but it would be helpful to update the build on the downloads page. The InVEST3.3.3_unstable did not install correctly on my Mac with OS 10.13.1. However, after looking on the Forum, I downloaded and installed InVEST_3.3.3.post80+nda6bdae814bb_unstable
This works fine and I am enjoying myself again now!
It's probably worth updating the build on the main downloads page?
Many thanks!


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @PJKrause, I've just added the latest InVEST release candidate (InVEST 3.4.0rc2) to the InVEST download page.  This release includes a fix that will allow InVEST to run on Mac OS X Sierra and later, as well as numerous enhancements and bugfixes.

    We also have a full release of InVEST 3.4.0 coming very soon, which we'll be sure to announce on the forums.  More soon!
  • Thank you! I updated to 3.4 rc2 and that also installed without problems (of course!).
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