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NatCap Recreation/Visitation hole @ international dateline error

Hi again Dave,

So- did I think as you suggested- pre-gridded my AOI and then broke it up into chunks and fed them though Recreation invest. 
[It's a pretty big AOI so the shapefile size limitation was a factor possibly as well (why not raster, Sir?) but not the real reason I write.] 

It worked pretty well except there's a big hole (aka all cells in this input strip return 0) for what seems like a really large chunk around the international date line of a couple hundred km. (screenshot of output attached)

The actual AOI is projected to have a central meridian  @ 180, so that should not be the problem. Have also tried further breaking up this strip and running it through again with no luck.

Wondering if there is any way to get this data?

(Thoughts of troubleshooting: Does the Recreation data go all the way to 180? Is this something that could be resolved by the input data on the program side projected to something else, say cylindrical equal area central meridian 180?)

OK. Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

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