InVEST Data requirements


we plan to use InVEST for a lake and its broader watershed and I have a basic question about the models that can be used for this type of water body.

I have downloaded the InVEST_DataRequirements_June2014 M. Excel file and I have noticed that the models included are separated into two Sheets/ categories: a) terrestrial_FW and b) coastal_marine.
 I was wondering if the models described into the Sheet coastal_marine (such as Recreation, Finfish Aqua, Scenic Quality) are strictly related to coastal and marine areas? Is a lake also included in a broader sense in this category? May I use these models with some simplifications for a lake?

Finally, is there a way of including a problem with backfilling of a lake into sediment retention, or is there another way to consider it into the analysis?

Thank you in advance for your help and your valuable time.

Best Regards

Eleni Bekri


  • The delineations are largely artificial for those services, especially recreation and scenic quality. See here for an example of the recreation model being used in the context of lakes. The finfish aquaculture model is parameterized with sample data for salmon, but the underlying growth model is general and can be adapted for freshwater finfish if you are able to find suitable parameters. See here for more info.

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