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Coastal Blue Carbon - One Raster


My project is attempting to value and estimate current carbon stocks within different sea grass species within several locations of the Mediterranean. I'm currently trying to use the Coastal Blue Carbon model, however all we need at the moment is a snapshot of current stock estimates and values. We only have the one input raster created from drone imagery of this year and I'm not trying to address or look at potential changes yet. 

Is it okay to run the model with the CSVs of Transient Variables and Transition Effects essentially blank or will this produce errors and wrong results? Obviously I've already used the preproccessor tool to create the required inputs and categories, but I'm trying to work out if this will effect the results if I run with these CSV inputs blank as the user interface doesn't allow you to run the model without these inputs. 




  • Hi Jack, 

    It is okay to leave the transition table blank, but you'll need to fill in the transient variables table in order to have the model run.  If you're only interested in the current stock, the values you use in the transient table will not affect your results.  After you run the model, be sure you're looking at the carbon_stock for your baseline year.  

    As for the value of carbon stored in natural habitats, valuation in the model (and in the market as a whole) is based on the amount of sequestered carbon.  To calculate sequestered carbon across a single year or longer period, you'll need to fill out the transient table with meaningful values since the values in this table do affect calculations for net present value.  The user's guide has more information on net present value that might be helpful for you. 

    I hope this helps! 

    - Katherine 

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