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REDD+ C credits

Dear everybody,
I'm sorry for an umpteenth discussion, but I still have many questions.
I have a future land cover map for a BAU scenario and for another (more positive) scenario.
Both take into account a REDD+ scheme which is being implemented in the district under analysis.
Therefore, when running the C tool, I suppose I don't need a REDD policy scenario.
Nevertheless, the REDD+ scheme only encompasses some areas of the district I am analyzing, whereas the tool calculate C sequestration for the whole of it. This means that not all the additional levels of C will lead to economic returns in terms of credits sold on the voluntary market.
Is there a way to make the final figure more realistic?
Thank you all! 


  • I'm not sure if this is still an issue, but a solution might be to divide the area into those in/out of the REDD+ scheme and run it separately for each and then post-process the results according to how you want to depict these results
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