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Error C tool with REDD policy

Dear everybody,
I get the following error with the C tool:

ValueError: There was not a value for at least the following codes [ 0.17876519] for this file C:\Users\Michael\Documents\New folder\aligned_lulc_redd.tif.

I want to calculate C sequestration and I have a current and future land cover maps, as well as a REDD policy raster.
Nevertheless, I don't manage to get an output. The "new folder" mentioned in the error is my workspace.
Thank you! :)


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, that sounds like your landcover map has a floating point value in it.  Unlikely to be a landcover code.  Can you check to make sure you put the correct raster in for the landcover map input?
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