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validate of Habitat results,help!

Dear InVEST developers:
    Recently I am learning habitat quality  model and encountered a lot of problems,so I want to get some help from you.
    I choose 7 threats,and run the model ,the results showed that the quality value was almost all close to 1 and the spatial differences was not clearly, which was clearly incorrect, Then I used only one threat (agriculture area) to run the model again, the result was not change a lot ,and the value was still close to 1. But when I check the 'intermediate' folder in the result, there were correct spatial distribution. I don't know what's the problem ,need your help.
    And also I wonder what's the data in  'intermediate' folder mean, which was named as ‘agri_filtered_c’.
    Thanks a lot !


  • Hi Crystal,
    It's been a while since I used this model, but one way to get a better spread of the values is to change the value of the half saturation constant (see the section on "data needs" in the habitat quality chapter of the user guide). Please try it out and see if it helps!
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