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Changing C pools under conservation agriculture

Dear everybody,
I am using the C model for an area where conservation agriculture is being implemented.
I have got the figures for how the C pools of determined land cover classes may change under conservation agriculture.
However, if I am not wrong, C pools are considered to be constant in the model for the whole analyzed period - 2016-2040 in my case.
Is anybody aware of any loopholes, bypass and/or complementary models that could help me compare how total C could change between a baseline year (with no conservation agriculture) and a future with, say, changed C pools after 5 years?
I though that a potential solution could be to run the model between 2015-2020, use the output map as an input to re-run the model, change the C pools that needs to be changed and, finally, re-run it for the years 2021-2040.
Thank you in advance!


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Michael -

    You're correct that the carbon model considers the pools to be constant for each LULC class, it's a very simple model that doesn't grow trees or anything complex like that. There are other models that you can use for more detailed carbon modeling (such as CENTURY, I'm sure there are others but I haven't used them.)  This study provides an example of how people used Integrated Biosphere Simulator, agriculture version (Agro-IBIS) to look at changes in carbon.

    Your approach sounds like what we'd recommend though for the InVEST carbon model: Run it with current carbon pool values, and again with carbon pool values reflecting conservation agriculture. If your LULC changes, then you'd need to have a "current" LULC and "conservation agriculture" LULC as well as inputs.

    ~ Stacie
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