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Carbon: Error Message Help


For the Carbon Model, I keep getting this error: could not convert string to float. I'm confused because I'm using the same LULC file that I have used before (but on a different computer). Suggestions? I tried the sample dataset to make sure the model is working and it produced a map so it seems to be working.

Also, for LULC rasters in general, is there. a best practice you recommend -- format, pixel type and depth, maximum size of area, signed/unsigned? I run into problems and I usually say "good enough for today" but what is the best process that saves time down the road?

Thanks, NatCap


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, offhand I'd guess there's an issue with a biophysical table.  Like an empty cell on an LULC code?  But if you can post the entirety of the error and/or the log here I'm sure we can solve it!

    And in terms of best raster practices, whatever captures your biophysical process at the scale the science can model is all you need!  Pixel type shouldn't matter much one way or the other.  Hopefully that's what you want to hear, but let me know if there's a specific issue you're worried about.  I'm sure we can figure that out too.
  • Hi Rich,

    I attached the log and a txt file of my inputs -- it looks OK to me. I used the sample data as a template. But perhaps I am making a mistake in the formatting? 

    Thanks for any input.

  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, this is kind of dumb, but is there any chance your CSV file has a bunch of blank lines in it?  I'm not sure how you're creating it, but if I click and highlight the text file you sent i see a bunch of other lines.  If so, maybe delete them and try again?  And if none of this makes sense, can you dropbox me your entire datastack to and I'll try it on my end?  
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