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tidal dispersion coefficient

I am working on InVEST 's water quality model , I have problems in
calculating "tidal dispersion coefficient". Based on InVEST user guide,
tidal dispersion coefficient can be calculated by this formula:
K=0.035.Ut.B . I have really problems with finding the multitude of
depth- averaged tidal flow. please help me  to calculate this parameter.


  • Hello, 
    First of all I do not recommend that you work with the invest water quality model , I prepared all the inputs but the model does not give good results. I have been told by the the Invest team that it is not recommended to use it.

  • thank you for your answer, I think the same ; I think water quality model is not powerful enough. but since I am going to link it with other models, I need to run it; do you know who from InVEST people can answer my question? and what is his or her Email ?
  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    That's correct, we don't recommend you use the water quality model.  So much so we'll be removing it in the next release.   If you'd like, you can email CK Kim who developed that model a few years ago.  He no longer works for NatCap but you might be able to reach him at

  • Hello,

    I am not involved in the development nor maintenance of this particular model, but I do have some knowledge on marine water quality. So, in addition to emailing CK Kim as Rich suggests, you can drop me an email (I think you've already done so) with a more in-depth question and I'll do my best to help. My email is
  • Dear Rich, Thanks  a lot for your comments, so what software do you recommend to be used instead ?
    what about MIKE? Is it possible to link other model's results to InVEST?

  • Dear SergioMV,
    thanks a lots for your comment and your reply to my Email. This is really kind of you.  I will send my detailed question to your Email.
  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Sorry I'm not familiar with any tidal dispersion models. I hope CK or Sergio can help you further.
  • SergioMVSergioMV Member
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    Hi Maryam,

    What exactly do you need to do? 

    MIKE (or Delft3d, XBeach, Telemac, and others) can be used to simulate the circulation patterns in the coastal area you're interested in, which is a precondition for studying transport and dispersion of pollutants (if this is what you're intending to do). Although you would have to check whether MIKE (or the other options) have the "transport of substances" module available - I would assume that MIKE does, though. However, I should warn you, although this depends on your background or/and will to learn how to use this type of tools, that using a mode like MIKE might not be super-straightforward - although not super-difficult either!

    Let me know if I can help you with anything.

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  • msinaeenejadmsinaeenejad Member
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    Dear SergioMV,

    Thanks a lot for your answer, actually
    I meant what proper software can be used instead of Invest Water
    quality model. Based on InVEST user guide this model can be linked with
    the other models such as fisheries,aquaculture,habitat quality and
    recreation. now I guess I should search for a software for both water
    quality modeling and circulation patterns simulation   . As you said MIKE could
    be practical for both purpose.
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  • Dear Rich,

    thanks a lot for your help

  • Hi msinaeenejad,

    As you can probably tell by now, InVEST is a pretty large set of models and unfortunately I'm not very familiar with all of them. If you tell me exactly what you need to incorporate into other InVEST models I can help you find a suitable replacement. Regarding MIKE, I just double-checked and yes, it does solve both for hydrodynamics (currents) and water quality. I hope this helps.
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