K factor map for SDR

Hello everyone!

I was trying to generate K factor (erodibility) map for SDR. I am using FAO DSMW soil database. However when I try to run SDR, it says "the intersection is empty", indeed  erodibility raster doesn't overlap with other raster layers. 

When I just downloaded the data and opened in ArcMap the "Unknown spatial reference. This data can be drawn in ArcMap but cannot be projected" window popped out. I reprojected using ArcCatalog and projection indicated in Properties is right. But still layers don't overlap.

If anyone encountered this issue, please, help! What is your recommendations?

Kind regards


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Did you actually reproject (using the Arc "Project Raster" tool) or did you "Edit" the "Spatial Reference" in the Properties for the raster in ArcCatalog? You need to use the Project Raster tool. If you just Edit the Spatial Reference, the raster won't be reprojected.

    ~ Stacie

  • yonseiyonsei Member
    Dear Stacey, thank you for your quick reply. I found out that the coord.system of DWSM database is "Undefined"  thus it first needs to be projected to WGS84 (only! as suggested in metadata) and then whichever projection the user needs.  
    I hope this post will be useful for GIS new users who still  have a lot to learn. 
    P.S: I've run my SDR model successfully:)

    Kind regards. 

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