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Unprojected data in Scenario Generator

I am using the Scenario Generator with a raster file including one layer with the land cover types. I don't have an additional layer of suitability factors (yet), so the raster layer is the only geographic information I imported. The Scenario Generator calculates the transitions and saves a new raster layer (scenario.tif) in the "intermediate" folder, but returns the following error:

DatasetUnprojected: These datasets are unprojected set(['C:\\Users\\...\\01_InVEST_Scenarios_ForestTypes\\tmp\\tmpqayh_2'])

I checked the original raster file in both R and QGIS and it has a projection assigned. If I open both my original raster and the scenario.tif which is stored in the "intermediate" folder, they both align perfectly in QGIS.
Do I get the error because I am using a lonlat projection (instead of e.g. utm)? Or because the ScenarioGenerator tries to compare the raster layer to the suitability layer and returns an error because I did not include one?


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @nadjasimmons, the Scenario Generator requires that inputs are projected, so a UTM projection would work just fine.  If you also provide a vector suitibility layer, be sure that the layer is in the same projection as well.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to write back if anything else comes up,
  • Hi jdouglass,
    I reprojected the raster from lonlat to an equal-area projection and this solved the problem. 
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