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hydropower model

I have some doubts about input data of the Hydropower model.
I would like to know if the value of urban area and crops in the demand table should be multiplied by the pixel area. Also, regarding the crops, is the demand value corresponding to one plant or cultivated area?

Thank you!


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
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    Hi Juliana -

    Here's how the User Guide for the hydropower model describes the demand value:

    demand: The estimated average consumptive water use for each landuse / landcover type. Water use should be given in cubic meters per year for a pixel in the land use/land cover map. Note that accounting for pixel area is important since larger areas will consume more water for the same land cover type.

    So the value that you give in the demand table should be cubic meters per year per pixel. The way that you determine the demand per pixel may vary - it might be based on area for agriculture or population for urban. Either way, you give the value as the total demand across a whole pixel, based on whatever size a pixel is in your LULC raster.

    ~ Stacie
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  • Hi there. I am trying to run the water yield and kept getting this error (pls refer attachment). 

    Hope you/someone is able to help.


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    It looks like there's a floating point value for the watershed ids. Is that possible? Maybe the type is a floating point even if the values are not? If that's the case, could you convert that field to an integer and try again?
  • Thanks Rich, yup the shapefile needed a minor change in data type from floating value to integer. Managed to run the model. Thanks again :-)
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