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Recreation model in marine environment - coordinate error checking on photos?

I am currently trying out the InVEST recreation model with the goal of assessing entertainment and aesthetic services provided by marine ecosystems in the Bulgarian Black Sea. So far it works like a charm, but I have a question: has there been any error-checking done on the Flickr dataset, in particular about erroneous photo coordinates? Because as expected, most of the photos in our case are concentrated in the coastal zone, in resorts or near tourist attractions etc., but our study area covers the entire Bulgarian EEZ, and there are also some photos far out in the open ocean, where there is nothing in particular that could explain them. They could conceivably be from ferry lines or on board ships, but still I would like to check the other option. Alternatively, can certain photos be checked, to make certain they really are located where their coordinates say they are? I don't know, if maybe some form of photo id is kept when the model is run? It's just that I can't tell from the aggregated data.
Thanks in advance!  

All the best,
Stefania Klayn


  • DaveDave Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Stefania,

    Please see the discussion on this thread for a similar issue, though I'm not sure it is exactly what you are experiencing:

    Unfortunately we can't distribute the raw photo metadata, only the aggregated data. You could try exploring the photos here: It sort of lets you search for photos in an area you zoom to on the map.
  • Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your answer!
    I checked the post you suggested, but in my case there are no obvious big clusters, rather there are many scattered smallish ones. For the EEZ I used as area of interest a shapefile of 10x10 km square polygons, so if that were the case I think any hotspots should show up prominently.
    I will check the raw counts for some sort of pattern - seasonal for example, and also try to fit the ferry lines, fairways etc. and see what happens. 
    Anyway, many thanks for your help!

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