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Coastal Blue Carbon Model - First step getting data in correct format

Hi, I am running the coastal blue carbon model for the first time and I'm already struggling (right at the beginning) to get my data into the correct format. I have a map with two polygon habitat layers and I have exported it to a TIFF. However, when I go into ArcMap and add the TIFF file, I get the message "Missing spatial reference information, this can be drawn in ArcMap but cannot be projected.' I also get the message 'Raster has no pyramids'. It also shows up with 3 RGB bands and I don't know how to get this data into the right format to connect to the CSV lookup. 

My question is how do I connect the Lookup CSV table data to the TIFF raster file? Do I need to convert the polygons to rasters before exporting to TIFF? If so, do I need to convert polygon layers separately to rasters? What I want to do is have the raster data contain information for the two habitat layers and an 'undetermined' layer which does not contain either habitat. 

Any advice on getting my data into the right format for the preprocessor would be great! On this first run, I'm not doing any future  scenarios, just looking to get a current map of carbon storage and sequestration services for my data. Thanks.


  • Hey there, 

    It sounds like there may have been a misstep in converting your polygons to tiff (tiff is a particular kind of raster format).   Can you tell me how you tried to convert polygons to raster?  Once we nail down this conversion process, we make sure that the TIFF is formatted correctly to connect to the CSV table.  

    - Katherine 
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