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water yield model

Hi everyone,
I encountered an "infinite" problem when i run the water yield model. Precisely, the model can not make any further calculation after the Reprojectimage step. I'v never seen this kind of situation, could anyone tell me the reason? Thanks a lot.

800 x 632 - 97K


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Jerry, any chance the model was still running?  It looks like it just finished with some hefty raster reprojections (are your rasters relatively large?)  From there the model might need to do some calculation that'll take some time.  You can tell if the task manager shows the CPU with a high load...

    Also, I see you're running InVEST 3.3.2, we released a patch to 3.3.3 a while back you could try:

    And if none of that is helpful and it's just hanging, I'd be happy to try to recreate the issue on my end.  You can dropbox me data to
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