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Categories in forums

GuyZivGuyZiv Member
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I find it confusing to have 'Data Needs' as one category and 'Marine Models' as another - many questions arise from missing data, and it would not be clear to a user of the marine InVEST where to post.

That said, if we want to have NatCappers expert in particular models to subscribe and respond promptly to new discussions, it is better have either two levels of categories (so I would subscribe to Terrestrial Models / Water Yield, or allow subscription to specific tags.

Just my 2cc,


  • adminadmin Administrator
    We can pretty easily have subcategories, though I do fear them getting too specific to the point where no one would answer a question. (Or we would have orphaned model categories, like pollination.)

    I think I meant "data needs" to be a place where people to ask about getting certain specific shape or raster data, perhaps unrelated to currently circulating models. That said, if there's no need for it, it's easy enough to do away with, or retask into something else.
  • GuyZivGuyZiv Member
    Maybe rename "data Needs" to "General Mapping"?

    I vote for subcategories, perhaps not visible on the top level but only within a category. In particular if we hope to get experts to subscribe to get notifications on their favorite topics.

    p.s. I also think a 'Trainings' category would be useful
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    I think it is useful to have categories or forum spaces or whatever (not familiar with the layout yet) for individual models. Some will receive more traffic than others. But it would offer an easy way to browse past posts related to a specific model, since I think the same sorts of issues and challenges will often crop up for each model, at least for the more popular ones.
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  • kglowinskikglowinski Member, Moderator
    While I think that's true, most people will tend to just use the search bar for past posts on a specific topic, instead of browsing (potentially) multiple pages.

    I would be more concerned about overlooking an actual user post than anything else, which is what I'm worried will happen if we don't make more general categories, and everyone only looks at their specialty.
  • We may want to have subcategories for each model eventually, when the forum is up and running and growing rapidly, but until it does so, the larger categories make sense to me. I truly hope people are signing up to get emailed every time someone posts in the broad categories they care about. Guy and Nirmal, I hope you both signed up to get emails about the terrestrial posts, and consider also looking into the pre and post- processing section. Kathryn, I see you changed that name - great. Much clearer now.

    I think we may want to add a category about finding data, as data needs is no longer a category, I see you were all thinking of that title much differently than I was. One of the more frequent requests I get "I'm doing a study in PLACE-X, know of any publicly available data, or someone that has worked there that may have data layers to share?" More often than not, we actually have good answers for people.

    One day, when the forums really get going, we may actually want to have location-based forum categories, say for everyone working in China. I don't think we're there yet, but I hope that these forums take off and we get there in the next year or so.
  • kglowinskikglowinski Member, Moderator
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    @LizRauer, the "help me find data for X" was what I was actually trying to get at, but it also seemed to make sense to have a pre/post processing area. Is there a category title that might make that idea clearer, so that we could have a subcategory solely for linking good data?
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