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Seasonal water yield Model - Error

MattMatt Member
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I'm trying to run the Seasonal water yield model to assess flood prevention service in a protected area (about 800ha, floodplain) of Portugal.
I run the model and I got the following error message: "float() must be a string or a number"
What does it mean?
It could be a problem concerning maps?
I have a land use map with finer resolution than others, while ET and Prec rasters have lower resolution (due to the fact that the AOI is only 800 ha).
Can you help me to fix the error and run the model?
thanks in advance
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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Matt -

    Please post all of the output messages in the log file that the model creates in your workspace - it will help us figure out what might be happening.

    ~ Stacie

  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    That error is obtuse, but looking in the code I can see it's happening on the line where the model tries to parse the landcover codes of the biophysical table.  Is it possible in your table you have some blank cells for landcover codes?  Or some non-numeric values?
  • MattMatt Member
    Yes, I found a typo error in biophysical table..
    Other problem was related to CN=0 (for wetlands) that I fixed by setting CN=0.1..
    Many thanks for the help!
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