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Crop pollination

Hi there,
I had run the Pollination Model and I've noticed sominthing irregular with the "Pollination dependecy", apparently the modul ignore the value of dependency in the LU table. I haven't found in the manual the description of this value so I'would like to know how it effects the results of the Pollination Model.
Thank you.


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @Mic27, yes, there are many irregularities with that model.  For the moment we recommend you don't use it since w'ere in middle of overhauling the core model and the software implementation.  A new version will be included in the next release of InVEST. but I can also post a working development version here for you as we get there.  

    More soon!

  • Mic27Mic27 Member
    ok, thank you and i wait a reply!
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