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Biophysical Table

I am new InVEST model user. I face a big problem to prepare biophysical table. Particularly Kc and root depth. In the user document, there are directions. My problem is I want to get kc for crop land, grass land, bare land etc and root depth for different land use types. FAO has online resource but they are not according to my land use class. My land use classes are the following.


  • PerrinePerrine Moderator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Marye, 

    The FAO data cited online should be a useful resource: there are detailed list of croplands (so you can pick a mix of crops that is more likely for your area) and also information on grassland, trees, bare land (see Table 12 and notes and examples below:

    For root depth, the reference in the User's guide (Schenk and Jackson, 2002)) should also be a good start.

    I'd also recommend to browse through previous publications: to learn about other sources that people have used.



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    Thank you very much my hero for your valuable comment
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