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Missing sub watersheds outputs from Sediment and Nutrient models

Hi everyone, I would like please to ask for your help. I am new with the software and for my thesis I am running three ecosystem services in the same area, all with invest version 2.5.6, as this is part of the GLOBAQUA project and they calibrated and used this version. 

Water Yield, Sediment Retention and Nutrient Delivery model shows "running successfully". 
But for both Sediment and Nutrient, in the output folder I can just find files per watershed, there is no results per sub watershed! So I see just one value for the entire area and can not compare between the subwatersheds.

My second problem is with Nutrient model, the outputs shows values of -1 for the fields "nitrogen exported" "nitrogen retained", same for phosphorous.

Does anybody know what may be the reason and how can I solve this?

Thanks a lot for your time, I really appreciate some help with this. Best regards, María
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