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Experience using for blue carbon added value?

I am looking for examples from those who have used the model to include blue carbon in their valuation and decision-making. How easy/difficult was it to use? Challenges? Was the information used to help inform decision-making? Examples from the Gulf coast would be even better.


  • Hey StefanieS, 

    My apologies for the slow response time.  The Coastal Blue Carbon model--and all InVEST models--are designed to be fairly easy to use and we hope that they are.  Since detailed knowledge on the dynamics of the carbon cycle in coastal and marine systems is limited, we take the simplest account approach and draw on published carbon stock datasets.  Depending on your objectives, this approach may or may not be appropriate.  Data inputs and parameters can occasionally be challenging, but given how data rich that Galveston area is, I wouldn't expect this to be an issue in this case.  The User's Guide is a great place to learn more about the science behind the model and type of data needed to run it. 

    Results from the Coastal Blue Carbon model have been used to inform decision-making.  I've attached a study from Freeport, TX that used the Carbon Model, along with other models, to evaluate where natural defenses were most effective. 

    I hope this is a helpful start.  Please reach out with follow-up questions as you dig into the model more.  


  • Hi StefanieS,
    This report from Galveston may also be informative, in particular pages 47 - 56. 

  • gverutesgverutes Moderator, NatCap Staff
    Also, this video summarizing TNC's coastal blue carbon estimates for Galveston Bay provides a good introduction:

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