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Paper on water yield model


We have conducted one study entitled "Assessment of spatially explicit annual water-balance model for Sutlej River Basin in eastern Himalayas and Tungabhadra River Basin in peninsular India" using InVEST's water yield model. Key points of the study are as follows..
1. Modified Hargreaves method has been found to be the most suitable one for calculating ETo for both catchments under limited data conditions.
2. In certain months of the study period, Modified Hargreaves method is not applicable where Normal Hargreaves method is used.
3. Lumped Zhang model underpredicts as compared to distributed InVEST model  for both catchments.
4. Sensitivity of Z parameter is lower in hilly catchment as compared to peninsular Tungabhadra catchment.



  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Manas, congratulations on your publication!  It made the rounds in some internal NatCap circles this morning.  So thank you for sharing it with us here. :)

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