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Value Error on Habitat quality 3.3.2 version

abajodelmarabajodelmar Member
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Hello, I'm trying to run a single scenario for habitat quality valuation, but I got:

Value error encountered: Threat "L_V_Clt" does not match any column  in
the sensitivity table. Possible columns: [u'V_Clt', u'Via, u'NAME',
u'HABITAT', u'Vi_Fer', u'A_Min', u'T_Degr, u'LULC']

I'm working a stand alone 3.3.2 version on windows 7

I really appreciate any clue. Thanks
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  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hello, this error is saying its expecting a column header called "L_V_Clt" in your sensitivity table.  But looks like the closest it can find is "V_Clt".  Is that header supposed to have an "L_" prefixing it?
  • Hello Rich,
    Problem resolved, You were right: "L_" is a prefix which must be in threats header on sensitivity table.
    I was rush about this model,  thank you
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