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Seasonal Water Yield

I have run the Seasonal Water Yield model.  (This is really great thanks for building this!).  There are some little bugs, but workable (doesn't like any other file extensions in the precip and eto folder, it will run with an unfilled DEM and this does impact the results). 

Now I am just a little confused about interpreting the outputs since the inputs are monthlies.  Are the final outputs that are in [mm], are these mean monthly mm? or mean annual mm?


  • PerrinePerrine Moderator, NatCap Staff
    Hi RIOSer, 

    The outputs are best interpreted as indices, used for relative comparison between pixels. 
    However, in the User's guide we mention "mm" for QF and B, since this is the dimension of these variables (derived from equations 3 and 14, respectively). These are actually mm/yr, since we sum the 12 monthly values to obtained annual baseflow contribution.

    This model is not a traditional rainfall-runoff model but mainly aims to provide information on the spatial distribution of baseflow sources.


  • I need a help to write a thesis for water yield model. If you have sample thisis for this model, it will be more helpful to me...
    Thank you..
  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi again Nuwan -

    As with annual water yield, you can find background information on seasonal water yield in our User Guide. This is a newer model, so with fewer case studies, but we've applied it in Mozambique and Myanmar, so you can search our library for information on how it was applied in those projects.

    ~ Stacie
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