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MESH 0.8.5 Released

MESH 0.8.5 is now released and available for download at! Below are the new details and remaining bugs. Also, documentation for MESH is now being developed (temporarily I hope) at Check out that page for more details.

  1. MESH now automatically incorporates a “Base Data Set,” which is a curated set of global data ready to be automatically used to create many InVEST inputs. The base data automatically downloads upon installation, but a low-bandwidth option allows users to instead point to a zipfile on their hard drive. This base data set is a small subset of what will eventually be included and currently is only sufficient to automatically generate the data to run the Carbon Storage model. The next release will contain a much-enlarged version of this base-data to enable automatic data creation for 4-5 models.
  2. BUG ALERT: If you create a new project and make it all the way to batching through many runs, MESH fails to create the required folders. The easy fix is to just save and restart MESH.
  3. To run the MESH model, you must manually save the InVEST parameters you want to use for each scenario. This allows you to batch-run through different runs of InVEST while varying the parameters (e.g., to do parameter uncertainty analysis). To save these parameters, click on the Save to Archivable JSON file, which is under the development drop-down menu in each  InVEST model. Save this file in the scenario's output/model_setup_runs/<model name> folder so that MESH knows what is different in each scenario. See the images below for an example.

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