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Create WaveWatchIII.shp for my case study

ashtabashtab Member
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Hi everyone

I want implement Coastal vulnerability for Persian Gulf but no point WaveWatch for this area.

Does anybody know if a similar dataset is available for the Persian Gulf?

Many thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Dariush,

    It's true the WaveWatch III does not appear to include this area.
    A quite google search reveals that people are doing wave modeling in this area, for example, see here.  I would get a sense of what work has been done and reach out to the relevant researchers or agencies.  You can use the User's Guide section on this model, as well as looking at the WW3 dataset to get a sense for what type of information you're looking for.

    I would also encourage you to start your analysis, even without wave data.  I haven't spent much time thinking about or looking at the wave climate in the Persian Gulf, but it seems like it's mostly wind-generated (not oceanic) waves, and relative wave climate may not ultimately be the strongest driver of vulnerability in the region.  Again, this is very uneducated about local conditions - but I just want to emphasize that I don't think lacking wave information should keep you from starting or conducting your analysis!
  • Hi Dariush,

    In addition to Jess' comment, I recommend you to subscribe to the University of Delaware's Coastal_List--a global list for related matters. There you can post this same request and hopefully someone in the Persian Gulf may have some helpful information. 
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