Suitability of using SDR model in paritially snow covered watershed

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Hello everyone,

I need to do sediment modeling in a watershed which remains partly snow covered throughout the year( about 20% of the total area). Therefore I am want to know whether SDR model of  InVEST might be used in this case or not as I have not found any term considering this factor in the manual.

Thanks in advance.

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  • PerrinePerrine Moderator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Manas, 

    Very sorry for the late response. 
    Snow-covered areas are difficult to model in InVEST since the sediment model uses the USLE approach, which was not developed for these conditions. However, because the model uses a simple transport module (i.e. the "SDR" component of the model), it is possible to isolate snow-covered areas and represent their contributions separately. 

    In other words, if you have estimates of the contribution from these areas, you can "force" your model to output this contribution, probably in post-processing of your results. 
    We have applied such an approach in some work in Nepal:
    Vogl, A.L., Dennedy-Frank, P.J., Wolny, S., Johnson, J.A., Hamel, P., Narain, U., Vaidya, A., 2016. Managing forest ecosystem services for hydropower production. Environ. Sci. Policy. 61. 

    As often, the best approach will depend on your model application (i.e. if you use it for relative ranking of your landscape contributions, for climate change or land use change scenario assessments, etc.)



  • Hi Perrine,

    Thank you very much for clearing my doubts. I will surely go through the above mentioned publication and I'm sure that it  will enhance my understanding of the SDR model.


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