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error in Timber model

ks1998ks1998 Member
edited September 2013 in Terrestrial Models
an error in timber model.
Kindly find a log file below.

I much appriciate if you could provide a solution for this.

Thanking you in advance.

c_rate 7.0
timber_shape_uri C:/InVEST_2_5_6_x64/130925_timber/timber_04/kus_04_mf.shp
workspace_dir C:\InVEST_2_5_6_x64\130925_timber\timber_04

09/27/2013 16:12:09 root INFO Logging will be saved to timber-log-2013-09-27--16_12_09.txt
09/27/2013 16:12:09 root DEBUG Loaded the model from invest_natcap.timber.timber
09/27/2013 16:12:09 root INFO Executing the loaded model
09/27/2013 16:12:09 root INFO Running InVEST version "2.5.6"
09/27/2013 16:12:09 root INFO Python architecture: ('64bit', 'WindowsPE')
09/27/2013 16:12:09 root INFO Disk space remaining for workspace: 357.0 GB
09/27/2013 16:12:10 root INFO Pointing temporary directory at the workspace at C:\InVEST_2_5_6_x64\130925_timber\timber_04
09/27/2013 16:12:10 root INFO Upddating os.environ["TMP"]=C:\Users\A\AppData\Local\Temp to C:\InVEST_2_5_6_x64\130925_timber\timber_04
09/27/2013 16:12:10 root INFO Upddating os.environ["TEMP"]=C:\Users\A\AppData\Local\Temp to C:\InVEST_2_5_6_x64\130925_timber\timber_04
09/27/2013 16:12:10 root INFO Setting os.environ["TMPDIR"]=C:\InVEST_2_5_6_x64\130925_timber\timber_04
09/27/2013 16:12:10 root DEBUG executing timber_core
09/27/2013 16:12:11 root INFO Disk space free: 357.0 GB
09/27/2013 16:12:11 root ERROR Error: a problem occurred while running the model
09/27/2013 16:12:11 root DEBUG Exception not environment-related
09/27/2013 16:12:11 root DEBUG Printing traceback
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "invest_natcap\iui\executor.pyc", line 455, in runModel
File "invest_natcap\timber\timber.pyc", line 65, in execute
File "invest_natcap\timber\timber_core.pyc", line 56, in execute
File "osgeo\ogr.pyc", line 2839, in GetField
ValueError: Illegal field requested in GetField()


  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, Can you double check and make sure that the shapefile has a field named 'Parcl_ID' ? If that is not the issue, do you think you could attach your shapefile and dbf file?


  • Dear Doug, thanks for you suggestion.
    I changed the field name from "Parcel_ID" to "Parcl_ID" but lof file indicated "ValueError: 'Parcel_ID' is not in list". I think the name must be "Parcel_ID" as in manual.

    Kindly find attached my sample data.
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